!!Examples, Tutorials

Here you can find examples and short step by step tutorials. 

!Hello world

* [Create empty application|TutorialEmpty] - empty webapp ready for JSP and Apache Velocity
* [Hello World Velocity|TutorialHelloWorldVelocity] - hello world with [Velocity|http://velocity.apache.org]
* [Hello World JSP|TutorialHelloWorldJsp] - hello world with JSP
* [Hello World FreeMarker|TutorialHelloWorldFreeMarker] - hello world with [FreeMarker|http://www.freemarker.org]

* [Css tutorial] - how to use [css fragments|css]
* [Url Variables|TutorialUrlVariables] - how to use url-variables
* [Url Parameters|TutorialUrlParameters] - how to use url-parameters
* [Url References|TutorialUrlReferences] - how to include urls in each other
* [Callbacks on Url Variables|TutorialUrlVariablesCallbacks] - how to define callbacks
* [Sortable Pageable List|TutorialSortablePageableList] - how to create a reusable component


* [Forms|Forms] - how to create a form using validation and value parsing/formatting

!JavaScript libraries
* [Google AJAX Search] - implement the google AJAX search component