updated to version 2.1.0



ztemplates-actions is the controller module from ztemplates.

It parses and matches urls, extracts values from the url, assigns them to pojos and executes callbacks on the action-pojos.

Also the other way is possible, define a action pojo and create a url that matches it.

ztemplates-actions allows you to define url-variables and url-references.


  • Full url format control.
  • Clean, technology agnostic urls.
  • Flexible and robust url mapping with annotations. Mapping is refactoring-safe. You can't break your application by refactoring.
  • Statefree, browser back/reload safe no server-side state, no reload/back problems because of the framework.
  • Convention over configuration: scans the classpath to discover annotated pojos.
  • Workflow: program logic is in callbacks. Invocation order is defined by the annotation.

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